PUBG Guide: How to Win the Final Duels of the Games

PUBG Guide: In PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) every information you give or receive can be what you decide if you live, die or if, in the last moments of a game, you are able to win the victory. When you overcome the barrier of the ten people alive and the marker starts to flash red, it is when you begin to be aware of your breathing. How your pulsations increase and how your ears are prepared to react to any sound. Even we have provided the best guide to get free pubg uc for free.

The first step you have to take a try to successfully complete the final 1vs1 is to calm down. If you are used to playing in shooters it will be easier to control the adrenaline, but the nerves can lead you to act rashly without making the right decision. It never hurts to remember that if you are nervous the other person is also human and you will both find yourself in the same situation.

Pubg Guide to win Matches
Best Strategy to Survive in the Last Circle of PUBG & Win Most Matches.

The game mode in which you participate will also vary how you move. In third-person, it is much easier to obtain information while lying on the ground or covered behind a stone or tree, while in the first person perspective obtaining all that information can be more expensive. Although it is also fairer because having a situation Disadvantage with respect to your opponent will not assume the handicap that is in the third person.

The Movement is Key

We have repeated it countless times, not only for the last confrontations: moving is an obligation, not an option. It can be very appealing to be still as part of the natural environment because you think you are safe, but the reality is that in PUBG you are never safe enough until you see how your murder marker increases. As they would say in Game of Thrones: what is dead cannot die. And attack you either.

The Movement Is Key

Staying active doesn’t mean running from one place to another, but don’t stop. Use the movement keys to get closer to the edge of a hill to get information or move down to your next position. Moving will also help you react faster if you see one of your enemies or if you are shot, and it will be harder for you to get bullets.

Do not forget to make the minimum amount of noise possible. Walking crouched or pressing the Control key and having a silencer on hand for your main weapon can be very useful when playing hide and seek because your position if you shoot will not be so easy to guess. On maps such as fog, silencers are even more essential because of the limited vision of the playing field.

Take the Initiative

Many times we doubt, either because we see players a little far and we don’t believe we can kill them or because we don’t want to be detected. The reality is that the best thing in these situations is to shoot if you have a clear target. Taking the initiative means that you have a momentary advantage with the opponent because you see him but he still does not know where you are, and having this type of advantage in the final clashes is worth much more than an air package that you can plunder for free.

There are different ways to take the initiative to create this advantage, and one of them is the one we have named above: keep moving while tracking the area to ensure there is no one else there. Do you hear shots? You are in luck because you know exactly in the area where the last players are. The best thing you can do is use that information to get close and, with a little luck, finish off the survivor while heals.

Take The Initiative

Try to get rid of that feeling of being constantly observed to take advantage of the limits of the circle and the terrain accidents to move forward. The blue zone will create a protective wall at your back because in the last minutes of a game the damage is excessive to survive beyond a few seconds outside the playing space. If you have a peephole of medium or long-range, secure key points such as rocks, trees or buildings where the other player could be, and move to another safe point in between.

Are you in the final 1vs1 and don’t know where the last person is standing? Look for it, keep taking the initiative. You lose nothing by going to look for the last player that separates you from dinner with chicken, and the surprise factor weighs too much to let it pass. Normally the one who shoots first is the one who wins. Also, who wants to die in a sad and humiliating way while crawling on the ground for fear of getting up? Stand up, challenge your fears and your opponent and look for the ultimate duel.

Never Forget to Change Your Position

Another of the most common mistakes, along with being still, is not to change the position once it is discovered. Either because you decide to shoot a player because he was a clear target but you can’t kill him or even if you kill him in the end and people are alive, the noise you make will indicate your position with fluorescent signs.

Never Forget To Change Your Position

Moving from that place will prevent them from throwing grenades from positions that you didn’t have covered or that someone tries to rusher or move towards you to end your life. This movement is not just defensive. In the middle of a fight, if you know that the other person is healing, take the opportunity to flank and mislead the other player, who will have lost your track. It is often easy to get lost in the crossfire in the middle distance where the aim is key while being clear about where to move opens a wide range of possibilities that will put you on a tray to finish the game cleanly.


Hope you all love the way we have explained the process in an easy & understandable format. Do check the complete article and follow accordingly. Feel free to ask your question in the comment section below. Stay tuned to Get UC for more PUBG UC Tricks and get more uc from us.

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